HOW Safety Comes First: Good Citizenship on the Road

At H. O. Wolding, safety and road sense drive us. We think, live and dream Safety First, because there’s more than on time delivery at stake. Good citizenship on the road begins with a core commitment to responsibility for our drivers and equipment, and for everyone else.

Commitment to Safety Binds Us to Our Blue Ribbon Community

H. O. Wolding’s corporate culture is largely defined by the emphasis we place on safety and best practices. By living safety daily, we have established ourselves as one of the safest transportation fleets in the U.S.

  • HO Wolidng’s rate of preventable accidents continues to favorably trend downward.
  • Lost time injuries and DOT preventable accidents have steadily declined.
  • We’ve received insurance industry safety awards, and strive for more.
  • Driver training is an on going commitment to safety.

Smart Safety

Our systematic approach to Safety First incorporates state-of-the-art safety practices and equipment, and applies our 80 years of operational experience and accumulated knowledge. Put simply, we reach for and obtain the highest standards. Our strong safety rating proves it.

Advanced Technologies Support Safe Driving

At HO Wolidng, we entrust our fleet’s safety-enhancing equipment to our team of top-flight, highly trained, ASE certified technicians. These behind-the-scenes experts monitor, maintain and service our fleet to perform to the highest standards. They are skilled at dealing with even the most technologically advanced systems, including:

  • Vehicle maintenance programs.
  • Anti-rollover systems.
  • Fleet-wide emergency messaging other communications systems.
  • Qualcomm dynamic sensor systems.

Ongoing Trucking Safety Training and Recognition

High-tech systems can reduce some dangers, but nothing can substitute for knowledgeable drivers. Safety is more a continuous process than a destination. We choose the drivers with the best potential, and give them in-depth safety orientation and on-the-road training, supplemented with:

  • Management-backed company safety policies.
  • Safety meetings and online training for H.O.W drivers and support staff.
  • Ongoing assessment and corrective action feedback.
  • Fatigue management and sleep apnea programs.
  • Performance recognition, such as the Million Miles Club and bonus pay for safe miles.
  • Adherence to all Federal, State and local laws and regulations.
  • 63 mph company mandated speed limit.

Last year, numerous employees earned an extra week of paid vacation for putting in five years of safe driving.