The Road to Sustainability: Good Citizenship for the Environment

Sustainability is not just a matter of “going green.” H. O. Wolding is committed to providing a business environment that is healthy and mutually beneficial for employees, clients, and the public at large from both environmental and economic perspectives.

We strive to reduce our fuel consumption and carbon emissions. That begins with achieving the highest possible fuel efficiency standards. In 2004, we began to partner with the EPA’s Smartway Transport Program to improve energy efficiency while reducing greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions. We were the second Wisconsin transport company to sign on.

H. O. Wolding has been in the forefront of integrating the most efficient diesel consumption reducing technologies with the most effective and economical itineraries for delivering our clients’ goods. That’s what sustainability is all about.

Click Here for a sampling of the technologies and methods that we employ in our quest to be good environmental citizens.