Pros of Working for a Family-Owned Trucking Company

Experienced drivers and truck driving school graduates alike are often looking for three key things when seeking a CDL driving position: A positive workplace culture, competitive compensation rates, and impressive benefits packages. When you work for a family-owned trucking company like H.O. Wolding, you will receive all the small-business benefits, with the backing of one […]

What is a Long-Haul Trucker?

For those just entering the CDL trucking world, you likely have noticed serveral terms being thrown around. Over-The-Road trucker, OTR trucker, long-haul trucker, and dry van trucking jobs are some of the most common ways to refer to the same position: A commercially licensed semi truck driver. So, why the many terms? Each title refers […]

What Are Common Characteristics of the Best Trucking Companies?

What are Common Characteristics of the Best Trucking Companies? Recent trucking school graduates and seasoned truckers alike should always seek the very best trucking companies for long-term, rewarding careers behind the wheel. While there is no shortage of companies looking to hire new drivers, it can be difficult to determine which company you will be […]

Everything You Need to Know about Obtaining a CDL License

A commercial driver’s license, or CDL, is one of the first essential steps for anyone looking to start a career as an OTR truck driver. Since operating a large commercial vehicle requires a great deal of skill and safety awareness, there are several important things you must do to obtain your CDL and begin a […]