CDL Jobs in Wisconsin for Qualified Drivers

You are looking for an exciting career that offers unique opportunities, and for simply a solid job that includes great benefits. CDL trucking jobs in Wisconsin may very well be the right choice for you. As a premier provider among wisconsin trucking companies, we offer positions that come with excellent benefits, and competitive salaries. Our jobs also enable you the opportunity to join a truly world-class team. With more than eight-decades of experience in the CDL trucking industry, we hire, and train only the best candidates for our positions.

CDL Jobs in Wisconsin – Selling Points

With our CDL trucking jobs you get some of the best pay packages available in the industry. In fact, our drivers are able to earn more than $.50 per practical mile. Not only this, they also enjoy sign-on bonuses, outstanding benefits, and planned pay raises according to experience. Our positions offer job security. We are a growing business, and we offer our drivers the opportunity to develop, and grow professionally. We continually help our drivers to perform their best by integrating best practices, and cutting-edge technologies into our fleet. This ensures that the performance of our team is constantly improving.

Our Drivers for Trucking Jobs in Wisconsin

We rely on our highly skilled drivers to run the engine of our business. We are currently looking for men and women who value reliability, integrity, safety, and providing excellent service. If you are detail-oriented and skilled at time management, then we want you to work for us! It does not matter of how much experience you have; we offer great training opportunities, as well as a tuition reimbursement benefit.

If you are interested in joining the H. O. Wolding family, call us today at 800.950.0054.