CDL Trucking Jobs

​CDL Trucking Jobs – An Opportunity for Quality Drivers

Whether you’re looking for a job that offers fantastic benefits or are looking for a career that presents exciting and unique opportunities, CDL trucking jobs could be right for you. CDL jobs here at H. O. Wolding offer competitive salaries, great benefits, and a chance to be part of a world-class team. We’ve been in business for over 80 years and are committed to hiring and training the very best in the industry. In addition to the many jobs that we provide for experienced CDL drivers, we also offer entry level CDL driving jobs for those who are looking to get started in the industry.

Why H. O. Wolding?

We offer some of the best CDL trucking jobs in Wisconsin and one of the best pay packages in the industry. Our drivers can earn over $.50 per practical mile, as well as benefits, sign-on bonuses, and scheduled pay raises based on experience. More importantly, we are a business that is constantly growing and can offer you job security. CDL truck driving is a field that you can develop and progress with. We stand behind our drivers to help them perform their best, and constantly integrate the best technologies and practices into our fleet to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Drivers for CDL Trucking Jobs

We depend on our drivers every day to help our operations run smoothly. We’re looking for men and women from all walks of life that value integrity, great service, safety and reliability. CDL trucking is great for individuals that are detail-oriented and good at time-management. We’re looking for both experience and inexperienced team members, as we offer fantastic training opportunities, as well as tuition reimbursement.

From entry level CDL driving jobs, to positions for seasoned trucking professionals, we have a number of opportunities available at any given time. Call us at 800.950.0054 to discuss joining the H. O. Wolding family.

Frequently Asked Questions for CDL Truck Driving Jobs at H. O. Wolding

It is possible for you to be eligible for a CDL license even if you have a DUI, but it is important to know the requirements of different CDL trucking companies. Depending on individual company policies, eligibility may depend on a variety of factors, such as when the conviction occurred and its severity. It is important to make inquires as early as possible to know your eligibility.

Your CDL license needs to be renewed each time you renew your regular driver’s license. Additionally, you will need you maintain your DOT medical card, which requires you to pass a DOT physical test.

In order to be eligible for a CDL truck driving job at H. O. Wolding, you require a Class A CDL license.

Yes we do. We hire people who have graduated and hold a certification from a trucking school. If you do not have such a qualification, we require 6 months of truck driving experience in order for you to be eligible for a CDL truck driving job.