Longhaul Trucking Jobs

Long Haul Trucking Jobs – Reap the Benefits

Whether you’ve had long haul trucking jobs before or are just looking to enter the industry, H. O. Wolding could be a great fit for you! Our long haul trucking positions offer flexibility, competitive pay, great benefits, and the opportunity to see the country while working for a company that treats you like a member of the family.

Long Haul Trucking Jobs – Much More than Great Pay

Long haul truck driving jobs pay very well, but we know that compensation isn’t everything when it comes to a long haul driver job. That’s why we offer a comprehensive benefit package that includes health insurance, dental, vision and short-term disability. We offer more home time than most other companies in the industry and take your experience into consideration. You can expect a competitive sign on bonus, as well as raises throughout your employment with us. This field only continues to expand, so you can count on job security and the opportunity to grow.

The H. O. Wolding Tradition

We’ve been around for over 80 years and have been providing our customers with the best service from day one. We know that investing in our drivers is a huge part of what makes us great, so we take the time to train our long haul drivers and offer one of the best tuition reimbursement programs around. We pride ourselves on working with our drivers individually to help him or her reach their full potential. Our team of true blue drivers are committed to customer service, reliability, safety and integrity.

If you’re ready to hit the open road as a member of the H. O. Wolding team, call us today at 800.950.0054!

Frequently Asked Questions for Long Haul Trucking Jobs at H. O. Wolding

Long haul truckers at H. O. Wolding make over $70,000 per year. The higher rate of pay reflects the demands placed on the truck driver and our appreciation for their hard work and dedication to their career.

Long haul truck driving offers a range of benefits when compared to regular truck driving. By choosing to be a long hang truck driver, you are able to earn more miles per week, increasing your compensation significantly. In addition, you will be able to see more of the country on longer trips, and with less stops made, you will spend less time loading and unloading your truck. Long haul trucking jobs are not for everyone, but if you love life on the road and are looking for greater compensation for your work, this is a great opportunity.

Absolutely! H. O. Wolding is one of the premier trucking companies operating across the country, and we do currently employ long haul truckers who have recently graduated from CDL School. If you have earned your qualification and are interested in gaining a lucrative career as a long haul trucker, apply today!