OTR Trucking Jobs

OTR Trucking Jobs Offer a Unique Career and Excellent Benefits

If you’re looking for a flexible, exciting job that embraces people from all walks of life, consider a career in OTR trucking. OTR trucking jobs offer fantastic benefits, a steady income, and the chance to travel to places you’ve never been before. Throw away your preconceived notions about who drives the open road – over-the-road trucking can be great for anyone.

OTR Trucking Jobs and the Benefits

When you drive for H. O. Wolding, you become part of the family. You’ll have access to our fantastic benefits plan, which includes health insurance, dental, life, and short-term disability. We’re also proud to offer one of the best tuition reimbursement programs in the transportation industry. In addition to annual salaries of up to $84,592, we also offer competitive bonuses and sign on bonuses. Most importantly, we offer great home time, so you’ll always have time for what matters.

Work with the Best Trucking Company

H. O. Wolding has some of the highest standards for our OTR truck driving jobs, as well as in-depth ongoing training procedures. We are dedicated to service and are looking for drivers that will share the same passion for customer satisfaction as we do. We’re looking for individuals that are detail-oriented and have great time management skills. If you’re not experienced, don’t worry. We offer some of the best training in the industry.

If you’re ready to start an exciting new career with great benefits today, please contact us through the site or call us at 800.950.0054. We look forward to working with you.

Frequently Asked Questions: OTR Trucking Jobs

The answer to this question depends on the driver. At H. O. Wolding, most drivers are able to achieve anywhere from 35 to 70 hours per workweek, depending on their availability and the type of work that they can take on.

On average, all of our drivers are able to achieve around 500 miles per day. However, if your route does not take you through big cities, you could drive 650+ miles.

Typically, drivers achieve 500 miles per day, but you could drive 650+ miles per day, depending on the route. Country routes that do not require travel through major cities typically achieve higher mileage.

You can easily gain a lucrative career in truck driving with H. O. Wolding as an OTR driver, team driver or driver trainer. All of these careers offer substantial compensation that can grow with experience and a safe driving record. We have a number of career paths to suit the way you want to work, so enquire today!