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Everything You Need to Know about Obtaining a CDL License

A commercial driver’s license, or CDL, is one of the first essential steps for anyone looking to start a career as an OTR truck driver. Since operating a large commercial vehicle requires a great deal of skill and safety awareness, there are several important things you must do to obtain your CDL and begin a […]

5 Important Things You Should Know About a Career in Trucking

Interested in starting a lucrative career in trucking? As you browse various long haul trucking jobs and OTR trucking jobs, it is important to remember various aspects that go into the job. From best safety practices behind the wheel to time management between loads, truckers are required to stay vigilant and efficient throughout their day. […]

What is OTR Trucking?

There are different types of driving jobs available in the transportation industry. Some jobs involve driving cars for taxi or local delivery services, while others involve driving commercial trucking vehicles. One type of commercial trucking vehicle job involves OTR (Over the Road) trucking. OTR trucking involves long hauls, sometimes in the range of 600 miles […]