Dedicated Solutions

Dedicated Fleet Services You Can Trust

At H. O. Wolding Inc., we are committed to meeting our clients’ specific fleet-related needs, which sometimes includes dedicating some of our company’s equipment specifically to their service. If your business is in constant need of logistics services, we will work together to assign you a dedicated fleet that will operate solely for your company. Our ability to create dedicated fleet services allows us to form strong and mutually-beneficial partnerships, based on our devoted services, that can last a long time.


Implementing dedicated fleets and assigning resources such as trailers, tractors and drivers to complete operations for facilities and lanes in a transportation network can lead to enhanced on-time delivery performance. Moreover, it can reduce transportation costs and guarantee capacity, when constant transporting services are needed. Relying on our transportation management experience allows you to focus on what matters the most to your business. Let us take care of the transport logistics hassle.

Enjoy Efficient Operations

A company with significant outbound and inbound flow needs experiences tremendous benefits from the use of a dedicated fleet, both on a financial and operation standpoint. A dedicated fleet through H. O. Wolding can also pay off when transportation requirements at the local level are fewer than 100 miles, which concentrates a heavy shipping flow in a rather small area. In addition, dedicated fleets are most advantageous when shippers send large numbers of loads through a wide variety of trucks.

Freight Flows and Deliveries

Our 80 years of expertise make us a top choice for those with numerous trucking needs. Through our professional dedicated tucking services, you can confidently achieve your delivery goals and enjoy more efficient operations.

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