Regional/Long Haul

Regional and Long-Haul Trucking Services

Whatever your needs are, regional or long-haul shipping, H. O. Wolding will put its 80 years of True Blue performance in the trucking industry to work for you. We’ll maximize efficiencies, pay attention to the details to protect your freight, and get it where it needs to go on time. At H. O. Wolding, we are uncompromising about fleet maintenance. As one of the best over the road trucking companies out there, we use the most cutting edge technology for tracking and routing. Our commitment to environmental sustainability goes hand in hand with our advanced logistical planning. We value reliability, predictability and stability. Our Customer Service Representatives will listen and work with you to ensure that you are getting the solutions and service that you need, whether that’s for short haul trucking, regional trucking service or long haul trucking requirements. We continuously monitor our drivers’ performance and provide them with ongoing training.

Regional Shipping

Along with reliability, predictability, and efficiency, H. O. Wolding offers two other distinct qualities that set us apart from other OTR trucking companies when it comes to regional shipping:

  • Each of our customer service representatives is highly knowledgeable about the region to which they are specifically assigned.
  • Each of our drivers and equipment is assigned by region.

These benefits are simple, but significant, as they provide our clients with peace of mind that their freight will be handled with the utmost care and attention.

Long-Haul Shipping

A reliable, responsible, and passionate group of drivers trained under professional driver managers are prepared to take on long-haul shipments anywhere in the United States.

As a premier provider among long-haul trucking companies, we work hard to ensure that our drivers meet their professional and personal goals, allowing them a balance between work and home, while also making sure our customers freight needs are fulfilled.

At H. O. Wolding you can expect a reliable fleet of trucks, trailers and professional team of drivers and associates to cover your freight transportation services. OTR trucking and regional trucking is what we know best. You can depend on H. O. Wolding to optimize your supply chain by providing multiple solutions to capitalize on efficiencies.

Whether you require regional trucking services in your area or long haul transportation, we would be happy to offer you a quote. Call 800-945-9090 or email us today!