SmartWay Partnership

Good Environmental Stewardship and SmartWay

H.O.W is proud to be part of the SmartWay program.  SmartWay is a government/private alliance to optimize the transportation of goods.  In this program, the federal government actually partners with carriers to find the best way to optimize resources and minimize environmental impacts.

Sustainability has been practiced by H.O. Wolding for many years. We are proud to be a leader in emission reductions.

H.O. Wolding, Inc. and US EPA Join forces in April 16, 2004, and was the 31st partner in the USA to join with EPA to reduce emissions.  H.O. Wolding is Wisconsin’s 2nd longest continuing member.

Since 2004 H.O.Wolding has worked together with the US EPA to achieve a savings of over 150,000 Tons of CO2

Through considerable company investments and numerous grant programs from the United States EPA,  our home state of  Wisconsin and other programs we have  installed and are continuing to install, over $750,000.00 of aftermarket idle reduction equipment.

H.O.W Achievements with SmartWay

Environmental concerns are not a new idea at H.O. Wolding Inc. We at H.O. Wolding have a long history of environmental awareness.

Our capital investments and driver education programs have enabled us to reduold-truckce our yearly engine idle hours from over 400,000 to now slightly over 190,000 hours. Much credit is due to our drivers understanding good driving practices and our use of mobile communication programs that monitor driver activities.

Through the years H.O. Wolding has received many EPA Awards and recognitions.  In January 2006 EPA awards H.O.Wolding their highest SIF score of 1.25. The score of 1.25 recognizes H.O. Wolding for outstanding environmental performance.  The score also allows us the honor of being able to display the SmartWay Transport Partner Logo.  H.O. Wolding continues to maintain EPA’s highest performance score.  In August 2007 EPA recognizes H.O.Wolding for committing to use renewable fuels as an option to reduce fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gasses. This award is the SmartWay Grow and Go Partner Award. Only two Wisconsin carriers received this award in 2007.  (H.O. Wolding has used over   four million gallons of blended Bio-Diesel fuel since 2006) Using Bio-Diesel fuels has reduced our CO2 output by 42 grams per mile.

H.O. Wolding is working to make our environment even better through a recent purchase of EPA SmartWay Transport Certified trailers.  These trailers were equipped with Green Wing Side Skirts and low rolling resistance tires for a proven fuel economy savings of over 5%. The trailers are designed to allow us to deliver more freight per load. We also are introducing 2011 model year tractors with the EPA SmartWay Transport Tractor Certifications proven to provide a fuel efficiency gain of over 5%.

Achievement Awards

In April 2004, EPA recognized us for becoming a SmartWay Partner and awarded us the SmartWay Transport Partner Award.


We have received EPA’s highest award SIF score of 1.25 and were rewarded with the honor to display the SmartWay LOGO.


In August of 2007, we were awarded the SmartWay Grow and Go Partner Award.