What Are the Best Truck Driving Jobs?

This depends on what is important to the driver concerned. Although some companies pay more than others, money often is not the only consideration when trying to decide what the best truck driving job for you might be. Some particular trucking jobs are very well paying, for example: ice truckers, or those carrying hazardous substances. Besides pay, some drivers value benefits, such as being able to be home at the end of every day, set hours, or health insurance. It is worth taking the time to compare a few companies to come up with a short list that is right for you. Bear in mind that companies which offer better pay and conditions may well have more competition for their positions, and have higher standards for applicants. Each company has its own set of benefits, so ultimately each driver needs to find a company that is a good match for their requirements.

What is the Best Trucking Company for a New Driver?

One that’s prepared to employ them! Unfortunately, many drivers find obtaining employment a challenge initially, as employers may say that the insurance risk is too great to employ a newly qualified driver, leaving freshly trained drivers in a catch-22 position – no experience no job; no job, no experience. Companies that will accept new drivers do advertise; also, you may be able to pick up some temporary work through an employment agency, which will then give you the experience you need to enhance your employment profile.